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Game Guys review: Tin Can Escape

8:03 PM, Apr 19, 2011   |    comments
  • "Tin Can Escape" for the Nintendo DS.
  • "Tin Can Escape" for the Nintendo DS.
  • "Tin Can Escape" for the Nintendo DS.
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Tin Can Escape is the latest import for the Nintendo DS from Mumbo Jumbo, which also brought us the Crazy Chicken franchise. This time there isn't a chicken in sight, but there are plenty or robots.

The plot is simple: You're a good robot and every other robot is out there to destroy you. You have to navigate your way through each stage avoiding enemy robots. There are several different types of robots, ones that move one or two spaces at a time, others only move back and forth, and some have offensive attacks on all squares around them.

The game is set up in a toy factory after hours. Your designer Dr. B. Hasty made you with care and love. Her rival Dr. E Ville built other (much more powerful) robots. They are there to turn you into scrap and keep you from making it to the toy expo. You get comic strip story elements as you make your way through the game.

There are different ways to solve each level, and some are easier to figure out then others. You can use the stylus or the d-pad to move Tin Can around the board. There are obstacles and hazards which you can use to your advantage. The game consists of 88 levels (despite the back packaging saying there are only 55) to solve. Once you solve them all you can go back and try to get a better score (less moves) but there really isn't any reason to (no achievements, no leader boards). So once you make your way through the game, that's about it.

For a puzzle game it's pretty straight forward. Once you figure out how each robot moves and reacts to your movements each puzzle just has you figure out where to go. Some puzzles you will solve on the first time through others will take several trial and error attempts. That being said, if you get stuck, your stuck. There is no jumping a level, or hints to help you get past a puzzle. While this is not an unforgiving level of difficulty, getting stuck on a puzzle with a new element, (freeze spot, disappearing wall) you may be stuck for a while.

The game one 'redo' feature is the undo button. You can use it three times per level. However if you die, you can't use it. So making a move that results in your death isn't reversible.

So it seems a bit of a waste, since you would most often want to re-do a move that led to your death. You can un-do moves that delay you from your goal but only if your really trying to get a low move score. Which as I said before there appears to be no incentive to go after.

This is another quick simple game that seems more suited to a flash player then the DS. You don't need to use the stylus, though you can.

It's not a bad game, this is a game that just kind of is. It's a straight forward puzzle game. I found this review kind of hard to write. It's not a game you would go out of your way to play. There isn't anything pushing you through the game, like the Prof. Latyon series, it's a bit frustrating to be a time killer, with little incentive to re-play levels.

Technically there aren't any problems with the game. It controls fine, but you move one square at a time around a grid, there isn't much to mess up. The levels look the same with different obstacles. From the top down view Tin Can even looks like most of the other robots, color is the only real distinction. The comic story panels look like clip art. Nothing really stands out.

At the end of the day it's just a simple 88 level puzzle game with robots.

Final Game Guys grade: D

- Review written by Trevor Tamsen


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