Video parody taped at Rocklin High raises concerns

5:31 AM, Apr 15, 2011   |    comments
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A student made video shot on the campus of Rocklin High School parodies the video game Call of Duty, but in the video it's students, not soldiers, getting shot.

ROCKLIN, CA - Some would-be filmmakers at Rocklin High school are raising eyebrows with their latest production.

It's a parody of the popular video war game, Call of Duty: Black Ops, but in this video it's students, not soldiers being shot for extra points. The student video was filmed on the Rocklin High campus and was posted on YouTube.

While the student filmmakers are seen in the video chuckling, parent Liz Hunter said she's not laughing. "It's in bad taste," Hunter said. "It's too real and too much like the Columbine tragedy."

Other students defend the filmmakers. "The students are creative and talented, it was meant as a joke, people should lighten up," said Rocklin senior Robert Hollis.

It's unknown if the school administration knew anything about the video. The Rocklin Unified School District superintendent is reviewing the video after he requested a link from News10.

By Cornell Barnard,


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