Goats herded back to safety after getting loose in Sacramento County

11:13 PM, Feb 27, 2011   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA - Roughly 600 goats made it home to a farm near Galt after they wandered free through a broken fence Saturday night.

About 40 of the animals were killed when they made their way onto Interstate 5, causing several collisions and a massive traffic backup.

"I'm just happy nobody was seriously injured, or worse," livestock owner Terry Adams said. "I'm sad to lose a few goats, but that's small in comparison to what could have happened."

The California Highway Patrol said no drivers were seriously injured in the collisions and they had no plans to charge Adams with anything in connection to the traffic accident.

Adams said he was given a citation by Animal Control for having animals on the loose and at large.

At least 43 goats were killed on the interstate, or had to be put down because of their injuries. Adams said it was fortunate that many more animals did not get on the busy road.

Adams estimates at least 600 were grazing near the side of I-5 at the time of the accidents.

Written and reported by Will Frampton, wframpton@news10.net

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