Carpool lanes: Does a child in a carseat count?

1:28 PM, Feb 1, 2011   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - Does a child in a carseat or children in the backseat qualify as passengers when a driver uses the carpool or HOV lanes?

News10 viewer Lissa Zsweda posed this question.

According to California Vehicle Code Section 21655, this is completely legal. The law doesn't define age or purpose, therefore, all living human beings, including babies in carseats, meet the requirement of HOV lane use.

The rules differ slightly throughout the state depending on congestion levels and when it's two persons, or three persons per vehicle.

While some may argue the spirit of the law was to reduce congestion and pollution by getting commuters to share vehicles, it's plain and clear, it's OK.

By Angel Cardenas,



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