Sacramento mall's new hi-tech security gadgets nab suspected car thief

10:30 PM, Nov 10, 2010   |    comments
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Kintachi Ramey
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SACRAMENTO, CA - Police arrested a man suspected of stealing a car and driving it into Arden Fair mall's parking lot Tuesday thanks largely to license plate scanners mounted on security vehicles, and new high definition cameras in and outside the mall.

Sacramento police spokesman Sgt. Norm Leong said 19-year-old Kintachi Ramey allegedly stole the grey Pontiac from his job in Folsom. Once spotted at the mall, he was arrested and charged with possesion of a stolen vehicle, said Leong.

The vechile was identified after a security vehicle drove by and recorded the license plate number. Since the car had been reported stolen, the license plate number triggered an alert that prompted mall security and police sift through security video and identify the driver.

Some of the new HD surveillance cameras, priced at $16,000 each, helped spot Ramey as he walked into the mall, and into one of the movie theaters.

"As far as prosecution of crimes, and as far as us being able to download it to a disk for evidentiary nature for law enforcement, we can download it to a disk," said Arden Fair Mall security chief Steve Reed. "The clarity is impeccable."

Reed said they're in the process of replacing many of the existing standard definition cameras with the new HD versions, ultimately having the entire property surveyed in HD video.

By Will Frampton,

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