Stockton family fights parole of mother's murderer

8:54 AM, Nov 9, 2010   |    comments
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STOCKTON, CA - In the afternoon of February 5, 1976, Maryann Jacobs, a 37-year-old wife and mother of three, was brutally raped and murdered by her next-door neighbor in Stockton.

At the time, 19-year-old Larry Dun said he was angry for being bullied by high school jocks.  Sentenced to seven years to life in prison, Dun said he has turned his life around for the better. Jacobs' family does not believe he's changed.

"It was a slaughter. It wasn't just a murder," said Ron Jacobs, Maryann's husband.  "He shouldn't ever be considered for parole."

The Third District Court of Appeal, however, believes Dun is no longer a danger to society. The court ordered the parole board to parole Dun.

"I'll never forget walking home and seeing all of the police cars outside of my house. They wouldn't let me in to see her," said Jacobs' oldest daughter Vicki Jernigan.

Jacobs and Jernigan said they never suspected anything was wrong with their neighbor, Dun. The attack on Maryann Jacobs was brutal. Jacobs was bound, raped, and stabbed 23 times. 

"I couldn't even imagine the pain she went through that day. He tortured her and I don't know why it was her," said Jernigan.  "He's never said why he did that to her. She was such a good person."

Every two to five years, Dun has been up for parole and Jacobs' family comes to testify against his release.

"We have to keep reliving it and you never stop thinking about it. And then we sit across from him and he's like 'Oh, I'm sorry it happened to your mother,' and he's like going through the motions," Jernigan said.

The parole board has until January 28, 2011 to review Dun's parole eligibility. The Jacobs family is appealing to Governor-elect Jerry Brown to reverse the decision. They started a Facebook Page and a letter-writing campaign to the Governor's Crime Advocate.

"I just can't believe with a crime this heinous, that they can release someone like this and he could live next door to anybody," said Jacobs.  



By Leigh Paynter,



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